Round 2…

Jan. 8th, 2013… Round 2….
I was a little less nervous, I knew what to expect. Started seeing familiar faces, a sweet elderly man who is on the same schedule as me, and sits next to me every three weeks, keeps me giggling throughout the treatment. He has such a great sense of humour. The side effects were the same as last time. About 3 hours after I developed a headache, followed by nausea.. Only one little heart flutter, as opposed to the very scary numerous heart palpitations I had after the first treatment. I told myself I would not let this happen… Mind over matter… The nausea lasted 2.5 days, again I just continued to feed myself every hour to keep it at bay. Not much of an appetite, force fed bread, crackers, and soup. Day 3 I felt a little more “normal”. I was a lot more tired this cycle then the first. And my hemoglobin count was a little lower than normal, which is probably why I was so exhausted. So more leafy greens… More nuts…and red meat! Fine by me.:)

I am so amazed at how many gifts I have received. It has been unreal. I say that they shouldn’t have, but I really do love presents.. Who doesn’t?.. I have a feeling that once this battle is won, that I will go through withdrawals of lack of attention, gifts, and visitors….



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  1. Deirdre Featherstone
    Jan 30, 2013 @ 03:55:36

    Gifts are great – one of the benefits of having cancer – loads of gifts and being really popular all of a sudden – whoop whoop two done now xxx


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